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Arts & Crafts

Global Playroom

Global Playroom is one of our newest early childhood programs pioneered at the beginning of the pandemic. This program uses innovative teaching methods such as singing and drawing to teach the Tibetan language and culture to toddlers (1-4 years old). We have students joining from all across the US, Canada, Europe, and India. With consistency and team effort, we have witnessed tremendous growth in our children. With high demands, we are thrilled to announce that YindaYin Coaching is committed to expanding this program to the next level in 2021. We wanted to thank our dedicated parents for believing in our education model and look forward to seeing some of you join our program.


Tibetan བོད་སྐད་ཡིག་དང་རིག་གཞུང་།
(Age: 4-15)

Language is more than just a means of communication. It holds power to carry on traditions and values. Tibetan philosophical and scientific theories have been the recent focus of studies conducted by some of the world’s leading scholars. Yindayin Coaching provides a hands-on learning experience, regardless of students’ proficiency in Tibetan. We want to make learning the Tibetan language more immersive, personalized, accessible, and fun for children of all age groups. 

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Math .jpeg
Math .jpeg

(Age: 4-15)

Our English program takes a multifaceted approach to our English class, focusing on writing and reading and critical thinking and research skills necessary to succeed in the 21st century. We at YindaYin Coaching have also created tools for parents and children of all ages, including creating bedtime reading recordings for young children, teaching students our strategies and tips for research and academic writing, and tailored college readiness courses.

Online Class

Chinese 中文
(Age: 4-15)

Nowadays, an extra language skill can be a highly marketable skill both in college and job search. China has become the 2nd largest economy globally, and more and more employers are seeking applicants with Mandarin Chinese skills.  That is why we at YindaYin Coaching provide a Chinese immersion class to children as young as two years old. Our Chinese immersion classes are taught entirely by native Chinese speakers.

Online Class
Designing with mother nature .jpg

SEE Learning

YindaYin Coaching has started incorporating Social, Emotional, and Ethical Learning in all its curricula since the beginning of 2020. After completing a successful SEE Learning-based virtual summer camp in 2020, YindaYin Coaching expanded the SEE Learning program to K-10th grade level. Instructors have been using age-appropriate SEE learning reference textbooks accompanied by thematic projects. The goal of these projects was to increase parent/family engagement in the children’s learning experience. Parents have expressed that working with their children on the SEE Learning projects has been a meaningful experience and a silver lining to the pandemic. Students have been engaging and exploring vital concepts such as emotion regulation, the notion of interdependence, kindness, compassion, and environmental conservation through the SEE Learning projects and classroom discussions. Emory University has highlighted our SEE Learning work.

Summer camp

YindaYin  Coaching started a summer camp in 2016 and is in its seventh running year. YindaYin launched the first virtual summer camp in 2020 and is well planned to hold the second virtual summer camp. The summer camp curriculum is developed to enrich students’ educational, cultural, and networking experiences, and this includes visiting some central tech company headquarters located in NYC and interacting with them.  In addition to our core subjects (Tibetan, English, Mathematics, and Chinese), we intentionally and deliberately incorporate  SEE Learning to support students’ social and emotional development. Our lessons behoove children and parents to collaborate on projects that foster empathy and compassion for family, community, and all beings on this planet.

Virtual Team Meeting
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Lak Len tar
Educational Programs 

Lak Len Tar is a Tibetan phrase that means take action. We initiated this program with an aspiration to have a measurable impact on our students’ learning and growth in 2018. Under this program, we have been able to publish content in the form of videos that highlight our students' milestones and accomplishments. We have been able to work directly with families to produce over 50 videos and read over 100 stories with our children by starting a weekly Thursday reading session where our students rotated to read to the public along with their teachers. This work has dramatically benefited learners beyond our YindaYin community.

Family Education

At YindaYin Coaching, we have experienced that children tend to perform better when parents are actively involved in their learning. Therefore, our team has started a program called "Dinner with YindaYin Coaching" in January 2020 to create an environment for both parents and teachers to share thoughts and strategies and developmentally and age-appropriate plans for each student over a cup of tea. Despite transitioning from in-person to virtual meetings, the Dinner with YindaYin Coaching program has received overwhelming support from our parents. We can provide a customized plan for each child to ensure that they are reaching their full potential.


Youth Leadership Program 

We make decisions every day, from life-changing to the mundane. But many of the decisions we make can have a cumulative impact on our future, especially for young children. At YindaYin Coaching, we encourage children to be change agents and independent thinkers. From a young age, we teach our students to work both on their own and in teams. For instance, we always let them pick their snacks, seats, games, outdoor activities, group leaders, and even create class policies. We carry out our leadership practices throughout all of our programs. We focus on the students and provide leadership training to our coaches, interns, volunteers, and parents by listening to their suggestions, providing them with resources to enable them to lead initiatives. We believe these efforts help students and our more prominent YindaYin family make wise decisions that benefit our larger community. We emphasize the importance of having a social impact on creating a more just and equitable world for all.

College prep_edited.jpg

College Readiness 
(Age: 15-18)

Unlike many countries globally, the U.S. college admissions process is a complex and time-consuming task that can be overwhelming for students, particularly for those whose parents cannot offer guidance because they have not gone through the process.  YindaYin Coaching has been filling this vacuum by providing college preparation classes for high school juniors and rising seniors. Our courses include year-round courses in SAT Practice and College Application Navigation.

College prep.jpg

(Age: 15-18)

A great mentor can help set the right path for young people. That is why we deeply value and appreciate those who contribute to our mentorship program. Each student in YindaYin Coaching’s College Preparation Program is matched with a mentor who shares similar interests. Mentors guide students in their college applications and share their own life experiences and invaluable advice. Our mentors are college and master’s graduates from various educational fields and working in different sectors. Please click here to learn more about our past and current mentors and mentees:

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