Passionate About Inspiring Others

YindaYin literally translates to “yes, of course!” in the Tibetan language, which is an affirmative yes with conviction.  YindaYin Coaching's inception resulted from countless discussions between the two founders, Chime Dolma and Tashi Tenzin. Influenced by their own lived experience as educators, they saw an extreme need to coach and mentor young immigrants to navigate their education journey in the United States.  As immigrants themselves, the founders have worked closely with Tibetan immigrants and refugees in Queens. They initially aimed to provide a platform that can help children and families take full advantage of the available opportunities as well as find new ones. That is why YindaYin Coaching Center was initially strategically located in Jackson Heights, a subsection of Queens with one of the densest Tibetan populations and a diverse population of other immigrant communities. 

Although the organization has its roots in serving the immigrant communities of Queens, it is currently empowering children and families by emphasizing community building, cultivating compassion, and incorporating secular ethics as part of one's learning goals. Given the convenience of virtual learning, YindaYin Coaching is currently serving students from a number of states in the United States as well as families from all over the world. Using social emotional ethical learning as a key framework, YindaYin Coaching is at the forefront of promoting an important vision that equips today's students and tomorrow's leaders create a more compassionate, equitable, and just world.